P A S A D E N A,  C A L I F O R N I A



There are 4 things that you should know about us:


1)  We are located in Pasadena, California.
As we expand to other areas, we will work with local businesses and sellers to support their communities.

2)  We seek out unique items and amazing deals.
Our inventory contains items carefully curated by our meticulous buyers.  When we find good useable items that don't fit the FabFind standard, we offer them for free!

3)  We deliver.
Our primary goal is to share fabulous items with our shoppers.  We use multiple platforms (social media, email, text, postal mail) to do so.  You decide which method(s) of contact work best for you.

4) We care about people, the environment, and the earth.
Our individual passion projects support a variety of community services.  We donate to food banks, homeless shelters, and animal rescues.  We actively participate in beach clean-ups, recycling programs, and paper shredding events.





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